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Link your health apps & activity trackers, and we will translate the data into actionable recommendations.

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What is Addapp?

We create personal insights based on data gathered by your wearable or favourite tracking app. Our goal is to improve your wellbeing and help you to achieve your goals!

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Picture of Kouris
Kouris Kalligas
CEO & Co-founder

Kouris loves wearables & mobile technology in the well-being domain. He still believes that we know more about the inner workings of our cars, our banking accounts, or even our mobile phones than we know about our own well-being. This “why?” drove and is driving him to start tracking himself and then start Addapp.

His favorite food: Whatever his Greek mum is cooking (never mention to Kouris that Italian olives are better than Greek ones!)

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Andreas
Andreas Creten
Advisor & Co-founder

As a data freak, Andreas is fascinated by the wealth of personal data created by wearables and tracking devices. He's also a firm believer in the power of data to help people understand more about our well-being and improve their day-to-day lives.

Favorite sport on land and sea: Skiing and sailing

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Jason
Jason Symons
Director of Engineering

Jason has 12 years of experience in the software development and consulting fields. He is pecialized in rapid development and thinking outside the box to solve difficult problems. Currently most interested in Big Data problems, mobile development, emerging technologies and difficult technical challenges.

Unknown fact about Jason: He won an obscure award, we don't know anything about.

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Amanda
Amanda Kennedy
Wellness Content Creator

Amanda is a content creator and wellbeing enthusiast. When she is not creating content in the form of insights, blog posts, and other copy for Addapp, you can find her taking in the beautiful Bay Area views on a run or a bike ride, losing myself in the wonderful produce section of her favorite grocery store, Berkeley Bowl, or (not always) following recipes in her kitchen.

Interested in health tracking since: August 2014, when Jawbone tracked the moment users were jolted awake by the South Napa Earthquake

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Henri
Henri Blancke
Data Analyst

Henri loves data and the value you can get out of it. More than that he loves his own health and Quantified Self. Personal improvement based on personal data is what drives him the most and ditching all assumptions about it.

Also answers to these names: Joseph Lieve

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Judith
Judith Straetemans
Community & Support Manager

Judith makes users happy and therefore prefers the title 'happiness manager'. She is the master of support and besides that she gets Addapp out there by writing blogposts, coming up with awesome marketing campaigns, answering Quora questions and following every other online platform.

Favorite office device: hole puncher to make confetti

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Dimitris
Dimitris Savvopoulos
Lead Developer

Dimitris is a passionate software engineer, who is doing his hobby for a living. When he is not watching black screens with code, he enjoys biking and playing with his young son.

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Henrique
Henrique Pedrosa
Backend Developer

Henrique loves coding and learning new stuff, a new challenge is always well received. In the spare time, he likes to play eletric guitar.

Favorite sports: Any contact sport, like Boxing or Kung fu

Favorite apps & devices:

Picture of Fiid
Fiid Williams
iOS Developer

Fiid loves diving into code and getting real cozy with it. Especially if it involves iOS code.

Favorite Food truck food: bao steamed buns from The Chairman in San Francisco

Favorite apps & devices: